Contemplations, Love, Nature, Poetry, Reflections


flying like an eagle above the carnage

and scatology scattered on land & sea

by Homo Sapiens enslaved by insatiable

appetites and Freudian proclivities

while I wander like a wolf on surface

of sand snow & stone

seeking strangers on the open road

to feed my hungry mind

and inspire my spirit

to fly free across Dark Energy

and Shining Stars

Contemplations, Nature, Reflections



sitting on a comfy couch before the big bay window 

marveling at Mama Nature’s scenic slideshow—

First comes hail then sleet and finally snow falling

as the wanton wind carries me upstream 

past waterfalls ferns spruce and cedar   

then up Old Columbia Highway to Crown Point 

while below snow evaporates in white smoke

rising from a pulp factory polluting the spawning 

ground of  sacred salmon and sturgeon 


sipping tea in the Daly Café in downtown Portland

after feasting on a salad of eggplant and tuna

then browsing in Powell’s Bookstore 

and worshipping the written word 

I purchase The Confessions of Nat Turner 

and walk out into Portland’s rain

without an umbrella in the Pearl District— 

where the year ends with friends

at Huber’s Bar & Grill celebrating 


Contemplations, Nature, Poetry, Reflections


in Montclair Canyon strolling and stumbling

on desiccated stones in the canyon creek 

inhaling the fragrance of blossoming flowers

until I pass under palm fronds into an Ashram

secreted in mystery where I meditate & pray

for Peace & Love as a breeze 

whispers in the trees that my spirit is

free from the world

                                    the flesh

                                                and the ego