Contemplations, Justice, Poetry, Reflections, Social Commentary


Why do the Homeless in America’s Finest City

have to sleep on cardboard 

on city streets and sidewalks 

in alleys and under freeways

in empty doorways 

under tarps on the ground 

in Montclair canyon

while we sleep on beds

with pillowed heads 

in private spaces? 

Why do we care more for pets

than for the hapless homeless

sleeping on cardboard 

on concrete sidewalks?

Why do we walk by them

care free without seeing 

that  but for the grace

Of God are you and i

Why have we forsaken Martin’s Dream

of the Beloved Community

for the gospel of ego and greed?

Contemplations, Love, Poetry, Reflections


when I walk into Café Madeline 

time stands still

as I gaze into her emerald eyes

my heart skips a beat

melting like honey 

into my café au lait  

while I sit outside in South Park 

in summer heat

cooled by an ocean breeze

composing una poema

para Sierra linda

Contemplations, Poetry, Reflections

Palm Sunday


On Palm Sunday in Holy Week

i ride the A train uptown to St. John the Divine

high art gothic looming over lowly Harlem 

where liturgy is divinely rendered by a bishop

wearing a purple zucchetta* 

and pita bread replaces the wafer 

falling in crumbs to the cold

concrete floor of the grand cathedral 

i stoop to pick up the pale fragments

of His broken body offered as sacrifice 

of praise and thanksgiving for us careless

caretakers of the Holy Mystery


In Manhattan as hard rain falls at midnight

lady artist, Jesse, poet David Henderson

and i break bread and drink wine together 

talking books, cinema, politics and personalities

In ecstatic conversation we celebrate the Word

made music on Sunday nite in Mekka on Avenue A

* skull cap worn by Catholic clergy