Tomás Gayton, Peripatetic Poet

Tomás is a Seattle-native and grandson of African-American pioneers of Washington State. He is a retired Civil Rights attorney, co-founder of San Diego Poet’s Press, writing teacher, and world traveler. He remains a human rights activist, poet and essayist whose poetry & prose are his life in verse.

Tomás’s words have appeared in Poets West, The Seattle Review, Vision Magazine, The San Diego Reader, City Works, African American Review, San Diego Poetry Annual, California Quarterly, The Poet Magazine, Arts and Poets Magazine, So Many Voices, Waymark, Guadalajara Reporter and Poetry Northwest. His memoir, Long Journey Home, is being considered for publication and currently available through Amazon Kindle.

What People Say

About the Work

Tomás ties to the world of Jazz is deeply rooted, it goes back… his poetry is truly a testimony of his love for America’s True Art Form.

J. Otis Williams, Jazz Radio Host

It’s poetry on a musical journey that uplifts you when you are down… Don’t let this… pass you by or it will hurt like a lost love that got away.

J. Glenn Evants, Founder of Poets West

Here is a man who through his activism, his living, his writing focuses on the issues of his time…

John Peterson, Publisher at Poetic Matrix Press

Tomás’ poetry shows his passion for the discovery of nature, love, life and especially, social justice.

S. L. Pedregal, Spanish Language Lecturer at UCSD